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 Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!]

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Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] Empty
PostSubject: Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!]   Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 25, 2012 10:43 pm

just pictures for my way to 99 fm i started yesterday (the 25th)

94 fm
(Achieved 3/25/2012)
Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] Untitl12

95 fm
(Achieved 3/26/2012)
Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] Captur10

96 fm
(Achieved 3/27/2012)
Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] Lvl_9612

Broke 3m ExP till level 99
(Achieved 3/28/2012)
Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] Broke_10

97 fm
(Achieved 3/28/2012)
Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] Lvl_9710

broke 4m exp total at jadinko lair
(Achieved 3/29/2012)
Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] 4m_fm_10

Level 98
(Achieved 3/29/2012)
Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] Lvl_9810

1m exp from 99
(Achieved 3/30/2012)
Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] 1m_fro10

200k from 99
(Achieved 3/31/2012)
Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] Less_t10

99 Firemaking!
(Achieved 3/31/2012)

Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] 9910

Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] I_got_10

Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] Cape_s10

Thanks to everyone who was there and who helped

Special thanks to:
T lighting 2 : fmed with me and gl to him on 99 fm too!
D pocket b: Gave me the idea, for 99 and also has it himself.
DivineFury: stayed in the chat with me for the last 600k of 98-99 it was grueling but having someone to talk to made it easier.


Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] Pains99glerry
Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!] Pain is fear

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Pain's 94-99 FM [DONE!]
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