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PostSubject: THE SKILLERZ LOTTERY   Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:21 pm

Pick a number.. any number...

We are now going to be hosting a lottery type game.

I. What is it?
Our lottery is a system in which people can make money by betting that their number is closest to the "drawn" number.

II. How does it work?
On the day of a lottery a thread will be made. People wanting to bet can post on this thread their desired number. Then in-game they must pay 10k. A small 10k. The minimum bet can be raised in certain circumstances if all the people betting agree on a higher number. Then I will post on the thread bidders, and their desired numbers. I will then record my self (with hypercam) going to the website and generating a random number. whichever player is closest to the number wins.

III. What's the catch.
When a total bank is more than 500k, the clan will take 50k. WE AS ADMINS/OWNERS DO NOT GET THIS MONEY! It is to be used on adv needs. one example would be paying a higher level to join our clan. Which can happen quite often. therefore if a total bank is 2m (2,000,000 Gp) 200k will be kept.

Thanks for your intrest and good luck!


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