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 T Lighting 2's Wishlist

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t lighting 2

t lighting 2

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PostSubject: T Lighting 2's Wishlist   Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:49 pm

Right now nothing cause i just got my bandos chestplate bounce

one item i would like help getting is the Bonecrusher.

How can people help?

Easy pm or email so we can set up days where we can do dung so i can get closer to my goal/wish item

My Dung lvl is:
37 (As of 3/22/12 5:00pm)
38 (As of 3/23/12 5:38AM)
39 (As of 3/23/12 6:37AM)
40 (As of 3/23/12 9:10AM)(Now i Have all skill above 40 ^.^)

41 (As of 3/23/12 4:56PM)

For me to get the BC i would need to do complete: (Also the math will change cause the harder the rooms more tokens i will get so less games i have to do.)

161 Games if i keep getting 200 tokens (As of 3/22/12 5:00pm)
106 Games if i keep getting 300 tokens (As of 3/23/12 5:38AM)
79 Games if i keep getting 400 tokens (As of 3/23/12 6:37AM)
78 Games if i keep getting 400 tokens (As of 3/23/12 9:10AM)

77 Games if i keep getting 400 tokens (As of 3/23/12 4:56PM)

Total Tokens i have:
2025 Tokens
Tokens left 31,975 (As of 3/23/12 5:38AM)

2789 Tokens
Tokens left 31,511 (As of 3/23/12 6:37AM)

2987 Tokens
Tokens left 31,016 (As of 3/23/12 9:10AM)

3155 Tokens
Tokens left 30,845
(As of 3/23/12 4:56PM)

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T Lighting 2's Wishlist
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