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 I Guess I Had to do This Sooner or Later......

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t lighting 2

t lighting 2

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I Guess I Had to do This Sooner or Later...... Empty
PostSubject: I Guess I Had to do This Sooner or Later......   I Guess I Had to do This Sooner or Later...... I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 22, 2012 1:47 am

I never did this when i first join the clan and now seeing the clan is going to come back to life (I Hope) i should do this so people can know me. The first this anyone should know about me is my spelling and my grammar sucks. Just to point that out so know one thinks there cool and spots that out and posts it.

Before you you start if you want the quick version of this whole thing just go to the last couple sentences at the end this post and your will get the quick easy version Very Happy

Table of Contents (I am stealing pains idea Razz )
1)School and job
3)Why Lighting?

1)Schooling and Job
My name is Vincent Yodis I am 19 and going to be 20 in may. I have grad high school in 2010. My major was Graphic art/Printing. 2 years after High school I finally took a class in collage. but it was only a 4 day class. But i still learned a lot from that class and i still don't know what i want to do with my life. For those two years up to now i have be working for Sesame place. People who dont know what sesame place is. it is a park where kids can come a meet the charters of sesame street and also ride some rides (of yyou dont know what sesame street is google I Guess I Had to do This Sooner or Later...... 2785107760 ). My job was to clean the toilets and also clean the park before the park opens. Was not that bad end of this year i help set up the first ever Christmas that sesame place ever had . So all the lights i helped up probably go see most of it online. But this year i am moving to the warehouse job for sesame place so we will see how that works out.

I cant really say when i started play Runescape. I was in middle school at the time and going through miniclip and they had runescape as one of the games to play. Thats how it all started and i think that Runescape updated from 2d to 3d thats why they where shown on miniclip. Well after my first 5 accounts got hacked (by my friend) I made T Lighting 2. He is a lvl 104 and not so great skills >.>. When it comes to runescape i am not a serious player i take my time and i also dont enjoy Pking (was never a fan of it). To this date i have only one 99 skill and its cooking.

3)Why Lighting?
Yes i know Lighting is spelled wrong and it is spelled lightning. Well lets start off with how it start. Me and my bro were always playing the same game and also playing each other and the username thing always was a problem. So to solve that problem of us trying to make new usernames every time we play a new game we where going to make a hero. Yes a hero that we wanted to beif we had the chance. My bro wanted to be Earthman Rolling Eyes .....and at the time i was really in to watch the static shock cartoon so i was in to the lightning powers. So my hero was going to be called T Lighting.

The T was for thunder and well lightning was well lightning. it was the best name for anything no one on any games had pick that name so i typed in T Lighting..... My bro told me i spelled it wrong but i had already picked that name so it stuck. Any username i use it is T Lighting. Now i wanted to take my hero to the next step I wanted a logo for him. Well i pick this after a day

I Guess I Had to do This Sooner or Later...... IMG_20120322_010200

This was like everything to me i knew what it was and no one in the whole world knew. So through middle school i was drawing on all my papers when i was bored. Then one day in sowing class(everyone in the school had to take this class) we had to make a pillow and it need i think are name and a logo of some kind. affraid my middle class self was happy i could do that . I cut out the logo then put it done to go get something and when i came back i scared my self i thought i cut out the wrong thing. What i saw on the table was my initials VY (If you turn your head you can is it).

So i made a hero i wanted to be and also made his logo without even knowing i have just used my initials. So thats probably the one reason why i dont fix or use a different username....... Hey You Still Awake? I know it was long but was it that boring?

O somethings i could not find a spot to put about my self in the top somewhere are I LOVE VIDEO GAMES, I love to draw, design things in photoshop, read Manga (HSDK ftw) and music

Well Pain you think i beat you in longest intro? cheers
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I Guess I Had to do This Sooner or Later......
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