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 Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide

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PostSubject: Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide   Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 05, 2011 7:09 pm

Hello welcome to my Strage Rock guide Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide 3912376022 In this guide i'll tell you the best way to get the strange rocks and hopefully get you pro enough to finish a museum statue i under 3 hours Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide 3912376022

Why do this?
1st you get decent xp from training while getting the rocks and you also get a good bonus chunk of xp wen adding the rocks to the statue (around 5k at lvl 70s almost 10k at 99) I personly used this as a motivational to train some of my lacking skills liek farming and herblore and the xp does add up if you plan on finishing the statue in you're house (personly went from 50-70 farm doing weekly rock runs)

Best way to get rocks?

Woodcutting: Either chop ivy or chop a tree and burn the logs to try to get Firemaking rocks!
(Getting 2nd rock of the skill is 1.5x rarer unless another skills rock is between so WC-FM-Wc-FM is faster then WC-WC-FM-FM)

Firemaking: Either do it while wcing or buy maple logs and burn them at your favorite fm spot!

Fletching: Make unfinished bows! STRINGING BOWS DOES NOT GIVE YOU ROCKS!!! you could try this while woodcutting but it sometimes takes awhile to get fletch rocks (went through 1k logs without getting a rock be4 Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide 2785107760 )

Cooking: Cook fish! if you want cook xp cook high leveled fish: Monks, sharks or rocktails, or if you just want the rocks buy cheap fish: Tuna or shrimp.

Smithing: Smelting! either make steel bars and cannon balls to get some money or make gold bars with gold smithing gauntlets for xp and to make the crafting rocks easier Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide 3912376022 (Varrock armour is recomened to make smelting faster)

Crafting: Bring a ring or bracelet mould while you're smelting gold bars and turn them into braces/rings when you're done! Or you can try making leather armour but it costs alot =/

Mining: Pure essence, LRC, or any other mining location! you should get these in your first few inventories

Fishing: Net fishing! either monks or the one that gives you caskets. Net fishing should give you rocks inthe first few inventories but any other type of fishing and they will be much, much, mcuh rarer...

Theiving: Pickpocketing! either pickpocket master farmers, you don't have to right click them and got a chance of some good cash but you'll have to bank/drop some seeds to make room for the rocks. or any other thing u can PP perferbly 1 u dont fail at much and dosnt give you junk unstakble items.

Herblore: Either clean herbs (you get some from farming Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide 1756483726 )if you just want rocks or make potions if you want herb xp also...

Farming: Plant seed/Havestsing! Just do herb/ alloment runs and if you didnt get rocks go to fruit tree and bush patches and pick berries/fruit from them. Its best to try to get a difernt skills rock inbetween the farm rocks so you dont waste time (herb rocks might be best)

Runecrafting: Train Runecraft however you want! You have a chance of getting a rock for each essence u bind so you can get them both in 1 run Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide 3912376022

Construction: Oak larders/Doors! Pretty self explainatory i hope... Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide 2162190104

Hunter: Box traping! Hunt Red/Reg chinchompas if you dont have the hunter lvl to hunt these just train normally and try to get to chinchompas and you're bound to get the rocks. These rocks are harder to get as it takes it can take a while to catch a good number of critters =/

Agility: Finish a course! Whatever the best agi course you can do finish it till you get the rocks Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide 1756483726 DO NOT DO BRIMHAVEN COURSE you get a rock chance at every 10 tickets which is terible....


Start at the pilith as you just finished a statue. Run to the ivy by the tree farming patch. Cut your tree that is grown in the farming patch. When your tree falls burn the logs and cut the ivy till it regrows *repeat till you have FM/WC rocks.* Run to the GE and fletch some maple/yew/mage logs into longbows. Run to Edge and smelt some gold ore and turn it into buetiful bracelets. Go to LRC or pure ess mine and mine. Make your way to pisc and catch some monkfish. Go south and catch some chinchompas or kebbits. Get to the rogues den and cook some monkfish.
Teleport to Draynor and steal from the local master farmer. Go to your house and make some buetiful Larders/Doors. Get into your runecrafting gear and ZMI your brains out. Get into your farming gear and do a farming run clean the herbs and pray that you get herb and farming rocks on the first run. Do agility while still in farming gear and run in circles while you wait for your herbs to grow *if you didnt get farm rocks on first run.*
Farm intill you get your farming rocks... If you get farm rocks be4 herb rocks clean some herbs you get from GE or monster till you get them. CONGRATZ you finished a statue!!!

More commin soon gotta get 85 Dunge >.>

Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide Tails-Victory-ResizedGAMEOVER YEEEAH!!!Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide Tails-Victory-Resized
~~~~Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide Miles ES~~~
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Statue of Dahmaroc/Shattered Heart/Strange Rock Guide
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