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 Revenge on Jad!%$^

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PostSubject: Revenge on Jad!%$^   Revenge on Jad!%$^ I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 30, 2011 4:33 am

Well as you may know or not know The Obsidian elemental of Fire [TzTok-Jad]killed me today/yesterday Sad Now its time for revenge!%@$

Skills I'll need:
Herb:90/91/92/93/94/95/96/97/98/99 *wat do i need 4 overloads Revenge on Jad!%$^ 3437437954 *
Dungeoneering:*enough for cbow and sheild after i buy melee chaotics and other stuff i need for mage and stuff Revenge on Jad!%$^ 2785107760 *

Items I'll need:
Fury, Arma Chest/Legs, Imbued Archers ring *Pain still wanna play mod armies? Revenge on Jad!%$^ 1643826144 *, Glaivens, and chaotics

How long will this take? only *insert clever thing that is impossible to talk to here* can tell... my guess is 446 days luckily i dont need the cape till i have 91 rc and 95 summ Revenge on Jad!%$^ 1392757615

Revenge on Jad!%$^ Tails-Victory-ResizedGAMEOVER YEEEAH!!!Revenge on Jad!%$^ Tails-Victory-Resized
~~~~Revenge on Jad!%$^ Miles ES~~~
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Revenge on Jad!%$^
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