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"We are now going to completly revamp this clan and bring it back to life!" ~ PvM Painfulll
If anyone needs help they can Call or text me at (815) 570-9724. It is my Google voice number. If I don't Answer leave a voicemail. and I WILL call you back. This number is available for anyone and any reason.


 Pain of the Union Adress

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PostSubject: Pain of the Union Adress   Pain of the Union Adress I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 14, 2011 11:02 pm

*insert Catchy Trumpets here*

Hey guys! We've been slightly slouching clan wise lately so I thought it a good idea to do this:] please read and enjoy.

The Pain-imation Proclamation

Thou members of this clan will adhere to ALL Clan rules. A link to them can be found Here. Members of the clan also understand how our ranking system works and should as any questions accordingly. Alink to said system can be found Here. Members of this clan should also understand that there is no "Owner" but only a Founder(Painfulll). Members understand that EVERYONE has a say in EVRERYTHING.

My new Ideas and route of action for the clan in the coming time:

I WILL NOT tolerate ANY botting,auto clicking, etc. Jagex will ban you for it.. I will ban you for it, Don't DO IT!

I Will remove all inactive members who refuse to help recruit, help participate in clan events, or do not help with our clan citadel. BOTOM LINE!

All clan members should try recruiting multiple members monthly. Even a goal of ONE person per day can add up EXTREMELY!

Some people may ask why I've created this almost random post. *insert Long speech about having a dream here* and that dream was caused by one ex-clanmember who thought the owned the world!
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PostSubject: Re: Pain of the Union Adress   Pain of the Union Adress I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 18, 2011 12:00 am

I read the rules and swear to my soul not to violate it Very Happy

Pain of the Union Adress Nickwong1
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Pain of the Union Adress
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