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 Guider's Guide to Runescape... Classic.

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Guider's Guide to Runescape... Classic. Empty
PostSubject: Guider's Guide to Runescape... Classic.   Guider's Guide to Runescape... Classic. I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2011 3:39 pm

jocolor Hello and this is another rendition to Guider's guides.

Since the September Newsletter has told us that Runescape classic will be reopened for this month i have thought there are completely no guides to runescape classic, so i must make open.

Background on Runescape classic: I personally started playing runescape when it was ran by andrew gower. This game is a much (mind my language here) Crappier version of the game we know now. I have a lvl 21 black armour pure aka my very first account on runescape classic, but i retired that account a long time ago. All though i do occasionally bring him out just to remember the good ole days. The days where if you could get in the fishing guild you were instantly cool and everyone loved you. The days were my maxed out 99 woodcutting would mean i was 1 out of 100s of players. The days when training to 30 woodcutting took 4 days to so. But thats enough about me on to the guide.

To start off: you are a level 3 combat player also known as a New-b= new beginner also known now as a noob.
the first thing any level 3 should do is run (walk since there is no running) directly to the north into the chickens pen and train there attack and defence levels. once those are both lvl 5 train your strength until it is level 15. At this point in game your around lvl 9-11. That means all those pesky goblins and implings will no longer attack you willingly. With that out of the way you are free to go skill. But wait you say is that the end of the guide... well hell no!
There is so much more to explain. once you get those combat skills up you have a choice, you can go fishing to cook some food to train combat some more, you may go find a mining spot to go make some usefull tools,weapons, and armour. or you can go woodcutting to go make some fletching equipment to create arrows to start doing range. I personally like the idea of going to go woodcutting to get some range gear as when i do that i can go kill cows with the arrows i make to have some range gear. But it is all about preference.

Choosing the fishing method: If you have choosen the fishing method then your goal is to go train some more combat. (melee style) What you would like to do is get a fishing net as you should have one in your inventory as a starter pack. If not you have to walk west via the lumbridge forest until you are in port sarim. Go to the fishing store with your money and buy a net while there buy a fishing pole as you will need it at lvl 5 fishing. Also some bait if you can afford it. Now walk back to the town next to port sarim and net fish beware of the dark mages as they do attack you. I recommend fishing in al kharid but you must beware of the scorpion as he does attack you also. Net fish until lvl 5 fishing. Once at lvl 5 fishing you can now do bait fishing all you need to do is click on your fishing rod with bait in your inventory and use the rod on the same fishing spot you were net fishing on.

Choosing the mining method: Gather around 30 gp and walk your way to bobs axe shop and purchase a iron pickaxe. With that iron pickaxe walk your self all the way to varrock east mines and go the very southern part of the east mines where there is copper and tin. I recommend having a sword and 2 cooked chicken meats with you as there is a level 6 rat waiting to fight you once you leave the mines. mine 12 copper ore and 12 tin ore. Once your done walk north the rat will attack you just wait until 3 rounds of you hitting it or kill it , then walk some more north until you get to varrock east bank. now walk west until you see a bank icon on your minimap also known as the varrock east bank. once there make sure to bank the 12 copper and tin. Then repeat the process untill u have 24 tin and copper. once you have that you must walk to the west into falador as thats the best place to smelt bars since the lumbridge bank does not exist. smelt your ores into 24 pieces of copper you should get lvl 2 smithing from there make some stuff like a bronze hatchet, bronze dagger, once you can make bronze med helm make it. continue this process until you can make full bronze armour.

Choosing the woodcutting method: For us lovely players looking to train our range fletch and or crafting skill. To start go to bob's axe shop and purchase a bronze hatchet. Run to the east side of lumbridge and start woodcutting a few normal logs i'd say 21 is good enough, Create yourself some arrow shafts with normal logs, at level 5 you can create a short bow, and at lvl 10 a longbow^. (if you dont have one.)
^Things you will need to do that... Normal Logs, Flax and/or bowstring which can be picked on seer's village just past catherby village, good luck getting there at lvl 11, white wolfs are vicious creatures. Or you can go by boat but at your level i dont think you'll have around 500 coins to get there. once you are there grab some flax directly west of catherby and go to a spinning wheel directly northwest of the flax farm. spin the bow(s).

Now go back to lumbridge and kill some more chickens for feathers, with those feathers attach them to the arrow shafts to make headless arrows, once you have done that go to the east varrock mines and if someone there ask them to make you some bronze arrow heads for a cost of 4 gp each head, have atleast 200 gp so you can purchase 50 of them. Then once you have those bronze arrow heads attach them to the headless arrows and you have made some bronze arrows, with your bow in hand and your arrows equiped you can now range those pesky cows to make yourself some range armour with there hides. To do so grab yourself 10 coins go past the al kharid gates with your new cow hides, and walk south until you reach 3 building in a row go to the most northern home which is Tanner the Tanners workshop ask to tan your hides for 2 coins each from there walk north east (more east though) until you get to the craft shop purchase yourself 1 needle and a few threads. You can now start creating leather armour depending on your level.

Thats it for this guide for further help ask... jocolor

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Guider's Guide to Runescape... Classic.
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