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 Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus

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The Guider

The Guider

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Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus Empty
PostSubject: Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus   Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 8:50 pm

Hello my names, The Guider.

Here is another guide...

NOTICE: This guide does not include the cost of Mort Myre Fungus, runes, teleport tablets or summoning familiars as they are always updating.

THINGS YOU NEED: You must have a alter in your "Player owned house", (POH as i later abreviate in the guide) unlocked the mort Myre swamp area, a silver sickle, house teleport tablets (teletabs as i'll call it later in the guide), Kharyrll (Canifis as us Humans call it) portal in your portal room,atleast a good prayer level (i recommend atleast 65 prayer) and one empty bank space to hold the mort myre fungus.

EXTRA HELPFULL ITEMS for alternative methods: Falador sheild 2-4 for easy prayer restore incase you run out, prayer potion(1) as you will most likely only need to restore a little prayer points, holy wrench, not really recommended but helps and a beast of burden pouch of your choice.

BEGINNING: To start off i recommend fully recharging your prayer points, Then either walk or teleport to Kharyrll. At Kharyrll bank and get out your house teletabs, and your silver sickle. From there walk SouthWest until you get to a shut gate just near the fairy ring. Walk south after opening the gates to the Mort Myre swamp, and now stand between the first two swamp logs you see. It is better to be near 2 swamp logs as you have a chance of getting 2 mort myre fungus in one blessing. Stand Between those logs until you either have a full inventory of mort myre fungus or until you run out of prayer. Once that happens use 1 teletab to your poh recharge your prayer at your alter and use your teleport to kharyrll in your house and now walk to the bank and bank your mort myre fungus. Now repeat the process until you either have the cash you want or just get bored.

Alternative Methods:(this is not recommended as you have to spend some money to use these specified items)

TO START OFF: Have 1 Beast of Burden (B.O.B.) pouch, a silver sickle, ancient magic spell book with 66 magic to use the kharyrll teleport (2 law rune and 1 blood rune), combat bracelet(4) (buy tons of them so have to recharge less) or prayer potion (3 or 4). If your using the combat bracelet equip it as well as your silver sickle. Go to the location as i explained in the other method pick up the fungus once full summon your B.O.B. and fill him up until you are full or run out of prayer points, then rub your combat bracelet to teleport to the Monastery near Edge Village Climb up the ladder on either side and walk north to get to the alter on the second floor recharge prayer. (this alter gives 2 extra prayer ponts which is helpfull if your lower leveled prayer) Now after recharging, teleport using the level 66 prayer Kharyrll Teleport. You are now in Canifis walk to the bank and bank. Now repeat the process until you are bored or have the amount of cash you need.

P.S. Once you run out of summoning points there is an obelisk just northwest of Canifis to recharge.

Thanks for reading this guide hope it helps.

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PostSubject: Re: Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus   Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 10:59 pm

Another guide by the great and wonderful Guider Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus 3912376022
some new/newer things might help with collecting 2

Deposit box in the swamp after Deadliest catch quest 4 exact location look it up Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus 1756483726

using the gate will take u 2 the nature spirit which contains an altar from temple trekking

and the unlimited druid poch from temple trekking

not sure if u can use these 2 speed up but mabey they can Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus 1055618824

Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus Tails-Victory-ResizedGAMEOVER YEEEAH!!!Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus Tails-Victory-Resized
~~~~Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus Miles ES~~~
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Guider's Guide to Mort Myre Fungus
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