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 Hello everyone (July,30,2012)

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PostSubject: Hello everyone (July,30,2012)   Hello everyone (July,30,2012) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 30, 2012 1:30 am

Hello to all of my clan mates. I write you this message as I ride home from a family reunion,

Firstly let me just update all of you on our clan status, at the time of this message we are at 39 members. This is amazing, we are finally regrouping from our previous decline in members, in which we reached 3 members! I would gladly like to say that WHEN we reach 50 and 100 members I WILL have a drop party! While I am talking about our number of members, let me say thank you to our newest staff member skillah0lic. He has recruited 20 or more members to our clan! Keep up the work man!

But, there is always the sad part of a story. A lot of our newest members don't talk. Now, I don't want to say that they bot, but the idea runs through my head. So while anyone is in the clan chat, please try to get people to talk. Also, if you recruit anyone. Try to introduce them to our clan citadel, and make them aware that by going there and spilling they'd be able to gain ranks!

Now i would like to introduce a few new ideas I have for the clan. None of these are actually being used yet, they're only ideas.

1. As for recruiting, I would like their t be a "recruiting leader/master" this person main job in the clan would be to help keep track of the number of people members recruit.(tell me if you like this idea, or would like to be the recruiting leader.)

2.Clan sage- their only task in the clan is to answer the questions ANY member may have. (tell me if you like this idea or would like to be this, or know someone who would be good at it.) The only prerequisite the sage must have, is an extreme knowledge of runescape. There am even be a short quiz made. Wink

3. The Worker. Their only task is to help other members, similar to the sage, but The Worker will be doing "Field" work. For example if ip member needs a little ell gathering some materials, The Worker would be willing to help. They may also take a player to a location they are unsure of how to get to. ( tell me if you like this idea or would like to apply.)

4. Event Planner- this member would come up with events for the clan to have. For example, a clan member may request the event planner to make a stealing creations event, and the clan could have a safe SC event. Attendance to these, and all, events would allow members to gain ranking points.( tell me if you like this idea or would like to apply.)

Well that is about everything guys. I hope you guys understand how excited I am to get the clan running again! As we grow in numbers, recruiting will only become easier!

Sincerely yours, Painfulll (Austin M. Campbell)

Hello everyone (July,30,2012) Pains99glerry
Hello everyone (July,30,2012) Pain is fear

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PostSubject: Re: Hello everyone (July,30,2012)   Hello everyone (July,30,2012) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 30, 2012 3:44 pm

Thank you once again, but other than that i think those are all great ideas and would help the clan advance to be filled with members
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Hello everyone (July,30,2012)
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