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 Pains Ranting- Bots, clan and more: P

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Pains Ranting- Bots, clan and more: P Empty
PostSubject: Pains Ranting- Bots, clan and more: P   Pains Ranting- Bots, clan and more: P I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2012 4:26 pm

First off let me say that i am glad to be back... again, i only left because of school. Im also glad that divine wa able to come back[only after i left]. The clan is alot more active ad enjoyable with her here. I'm also happy that a long time member Eve is back, im not completely sure why she left.. but shes back again.

In this rant/blog/wtf its called im going to talk about a few things, the first of which is botting.. Firstly its annoying as hell.. so no one should do it, and its also against the rules. I don't care if your my best friend, my momma, or jesus.. i'll report you for i, as should everyone else.. Maybe its just me, but botting brings so much lag to runescape... can anyone imagine a runescape with no lag? You would never be annoyed and have to log back in in the middle of fletching.. Jagex aid they were going o get riof it with the "Bot Nuke" it did help for a good two weeks, then everything wen back to normal. The in may they released another program named Optimus. If you'venever heard about i, Optimus is a two step program. The first step was a nearly complete rework of the Runescape platform. Why Rework the enitre platform? Well one good reason was because they finnally realized that with there current platform it was nearly impossible to update enough to completely rid the game of bots. Thats why they made optimus extremely changeable, that way when bots changed, the platform to stop them could change just as easy. Optimus also helped fix some frame rate issues that the old platform,and botting, was causing. But the first part of optimus did nothing o stop botting. Jagex instead gave an open invitation to botters , telling them no security was up yet. The second part of Optimus is not scheduled to be out for a few more months..
If you want to read more on optimus, go to

Continuing with my randomness that i like to talk about... I ould like to say some stuff about the clan.

First off, Im glad to see our clan growing the way it is, we have ood acive members, and you all should be very proud of the way you have handled everything.
Secondly, I'd like to talk about recruiting, and ranks. First off, Effective immediately im returning our clan to its official style of ranking. which can be found HERE
Anyone who wishes to recruit can. I do ask though that if you going to recruit tell me first, so i can go along, and possibly get more people to join.

Well guys, thats about all for my whatever this thing is called.. Just post any questions, concerns etc. below.


Pains Ranting- Bots, clan and more: P Pains99glerry
Pains Ranting- Bots, clan and more: P Pain is fear

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Pains Ranting- Bots, clan and more: P
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