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 Slayer Guide (In The Works!!!!)

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t lighting 2

t lighting 2

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PostSubject: Slayer Guide (In The Works!!!!)   Tue May 01, 2012 2:53 pm

Slayer Guide

Lets make this clear this is not a 99 Guide.
This will be a page where all different task will be located.
Meaning each video will show you what master you got your task from and how many you need to kill also how you kill them.
Also what you can get from the slayer trip.

All the video will be made by mostly me.
BUT i would like that if the clan could make some to.
Like different ways that i dont do it or show how you guys do it and what you got.

How to get you Guides up on this topic and what you get from making a guide?

If you make a guide the guide will need a couple things

1) Make sure you say that you made the guide so you can get credit with the clan.
2) Make sure you say that you made the guide for Skillerz4millz.... there are reason for doing this but i dont feel like trying to explain it.
3) Will Add more rules if need later.

Now you have everything made and ready to show the clan.....
how do you get it in my topic? Easy!
Just comment in the comment spot on the bottom or Just email it to me at
Out of both options i would say email is better cause i always check and i can easily keep track of new vids and old vids.

Now what can you get out of making guides.
Well right now nothing but if i talk to Pain i am sure we can get some prizes or ranks for when you give us guides.
But again we willl have to see.

Canifis: Mazchna
Need Combat lvl of 20 and a quest to get to canifis

No Guides Out Yet :/
Would you like to make one?

Edgeville dungeon: Vannaka
Need Combat lvl of 40

No Guides Out Yet :/
Would you like to make one?

Zanaris: Chaeldar
Need Combat lvl of 70 and have the quest Lost City completed

No Guides Out Yet :/
Would you like to make one?

Pollnivneach: Sumona
Need Combat lvl of 85, Slayer lvl of 35, and have the quest Smoking Kills done

Turoths: Kill 138 (In The Works)

Cave Crawlers (In The Works)

Shilo Village: Duradel/Lapalok
Need Combat lvl of 100, Slayer lvl of 50, and be able to enter Shilo Village

No Guides Out Yet :/
Would you like to make one?

Ancient cavrn: Kuradal
Need Combat lvl of 110 and Slayer lvl of 75

No Guides Out Yet :/
Would you like to make one?

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Slayer Guide (In The Works!!!!)
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