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Hey there Visitor, You are very important to us here at Skillerz for Millz, We as a community would love for you to join us! its only a few clicks until you get to hang with some of the most fun people ever!

Skillerz For Millz

The BEST Runescape help and skillling Clan Of All Time!
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"We are now going to completly revamp this clan and bring it back to life!" ~ PvM Painfulll
If anyone needs help they can Call or text me at (815) 570-9724. It is my Google voice number. If I don't Answer leave a voicemail. and I WILL call you back. This number is available for anyone and any reason.


 [Mass Email] Sub: Skillerz for millz/ Thanks

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[Mass Email] Sub: Skillerz for millz/ Thanks Empty
PostSubject: [Mass Email] Sub: Skillerz for millz/ Thanks   [Mass Email] Sub: Skillerz for millz/ Thanks I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 18, 2012 12:04 am

Hello everyone, This is your staff from Skillerz for Millz. We would just like to thank everyone for your cooperation in rebuilding this clan.

Hey guys- it's pain. Just a little bored so i figured I'd right a little something down to some of the members.

D pocket b - You're like my brother man, you've been there for awhile.. and i can always rely on you.

T Lighting2 - Dude! After everyone in the clan left, you were the only one!?we barely even talked before then, because as you were entering the clan- i was making my way away from runescape! Thanks for all your help.

DivineFury- We haven't Really known each other that long, But your always on the chat, and your always offering advice and help:] Im glad you came to the clan, Thank You :]

Kcottrell -You're probably not even going to get this message man. But i Really hope you do. We've been friends for over years now. I still remember when we met, we were both going for 99 fletching, I've quit and returned numerous times now. But were still friends. Even though your on F2P now, we still talk. I'm still upset with the way me you and Helsings acted last time we toyed to make this clan. And I'm even more sad of the way it ended :\ Thanks man.

Miles -What is there more to say? Dude, You're like the "Seer" of this clan.. You're not on much anymore because your computer is from before the time of the dinosaurs, but we all miss you.. Come back!

Thanks guys. I'm Sorry if I didn't mention someones names. these weer the people who stood out the most in my time on RS so far. But thanks to everyone even if you weren't mentioned.

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[Mass Email] Sub: Skillerz for millz/ Thanks Pains99glerry
[Mass Email] Sub: Skillerz for millz/ Thanks Pain is fear

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[Mass Email] Sub: Skillerz for millz/ Thanks
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