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 Pain's Leave of absence :[

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PostSubject: Pain's Leave of absence :[   Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:48 pm

Hey guys. For those of you who dont know, I'm currently a Junior in Highschool. Why am I saying this? Well. Next week is the BIG DAY! You know what i mean right? no?

A C T S!!!!

Thats right i have to take the A.C.T next week, and as if it could get any worse... I have A.P (advanced Placement) Tests to take too. I had to pay for my A.P Tests because if i pass them I'll Get College Credit for the classes:]

Needless to say [I hope] I have alot of studying to do, i would hate to waste $200 on the A.P and fail them, or get a bad score on the ACT and not get into the college I would like :\

Well guys. I'll probably be on a little every day, I'm Still GOING FOR 99 DEFENCE :]
Currently im about 450k from 98 defence?

EDIT: This post is both under announcements, and extended leave.


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Pain's Leave of absence :[
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